Online Dating Safety Tips And Advice 
Online dating can be a safer and more rewarding experience than traditional dating. You get the opportunity to browse lots of members, find the ones you like and get to know them online at a safe distance until you decide its time to meet them in person. But before you start your online dating journey please take a moment to read through our online dating safety tips and advice. Remember to trust your instincts, go at your own pace and date safely.

Online Dating Safety 

Your Photos
1. Remember to always be careful with the pictures you are sharing. Your profile picture is public and anyone who views the page can see it. 
2. If you post the same picture as on your social media or work page, then your privacy may be at risk. 
3. Likewise avoid posting any pictures that identifies your family, workplace, home or car. Instead choose nice pictures of yourself doing things that show others more about who you are and what you like doing. 
4. Donít want everyone to see all your pics? Not a problem. You may wish to keep certain pictures private or to post a more intimate picture of yourself (in keeping with our site content guidelines). In that case use the Password Protect option when uploading the picture, so these ëPrivateí pictures can only be seen by people you choose to give the password to.
5. Finally donít be persuaded into sharing any pictures of yourself that you donít want to.

Personal Information
1. In todayís digital world it always pays to keep your personal information private. 
2. Always create a username that is different to your real name to protect your privacy. 
3. Use a site like Social18.com that hides your email address and contact information. 
4. Avoid sharing your surname, address, date of birth, and other personally identifiable information until you get to know someone better

Your Profile
1. Keep your profile information about yourself real. Just as you would not like to be mislead about someone's age, height or similar profile descriptions, donít mislead others. 
2. Keep your photos realÖ that means ones taken in the last couple of years not ten years ago to make you look younger.

Financial Requests
1. If you receive any requests for financial assistance, no matter how sad or genuine the request sounds, it is almost certainly not real.
2. The golden rule is to NEVER give or send any money to anyone who you might meet online.
3. Likewise there is NEVER any reason for you to disclose any financial information online, such as your bank account or credit card details

At least on the first date choose a place that is public and has many people, close to the area where you live or near a relative or a friend. (In case you need their assistance.) Tell a close friend or relative where you are going, who you plan on meeting, what time you will be there and what your plans are for after the meeting. 

If you drink alcohol, be careful with the amount and never leave your drink unattended.

If you have sexual relations with anyone you meet off-line, always use condoms and other devices to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted disease and/or pregnancy. 

Make sure your phone is fully charged before leaving home.

Remember, if you decide to meet someone in person, you do so at risk to your health and safety. LatinHook.com or the Company makes no representations about the your safety in that situation. Please be smart and careful. 


Never stay in the house of the person you are meeting or someone he/she knows, always stay in a hotel and preferably keep it confidential.

Rent a car or pay for a taxi, but it is not recommended to be picked up at the airport by the person you are meeting.
For your date do not bring too much cash or expensive jewelry.

Let a friend or family member know the details of your travel plans, the name of the hotel where you are staying and the place and time for your date, also when you are coming back.

Trust your instincts

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable with the person you are in communication with, stop it. If you have a date planned cancel it and if you are at the date just go home, always follow your instincts, it is important you feel safe.

Aggressive or Abusive Users

If any user is being abusive or aggressive contact us by sending an email to abuse@social18.com . And please disengage any contact with that user completely, even online contact.